I can't quite believe it. That I'm an educated photographer! It's still quite a surreal for me. But day after day it is getting more and more real for me, and I'm getting more and more excited to enter the real world.

In may we had our exams. We got three weeks to do the four parts of the exam. The first task was the technical exam, where it was all about the technical aspects of photography. Lightning, right exposure, correct white balance, using lightmeter, and understanding how a product photo is made. The test we got was to copy two pictures one productphoto and commercial photo for the Norwegian waterbottle brand Farris. To make it as identical as possible. We had one and a half hour each in the studio to do it so it was very stressful, but it went well. Part to of this test was the post production . Where we where going to edit the photos we did the day before and edit one picture we got from the sensor.

The second task was the open genre section, where you could choose between commercial, portrait, documentary, fashion and lifestyle. I chose fashion. In fashion you had to do one editorial on location and one in studio. The studio shoot had to be six pictures, with new outfits on every picture. The location shoot had to be on 10 pictures and with new outfit on every picture. 

For the location shoot I traveled to Copenhagen to do. Because it's more models to choose from, and also an really inspirational place to be. I also did a lot of testings when I was down there to have a little more to choose from for my portfolio. The model I used for my exam shoot was Marius Bøjer from Le management. I have worked with him one time before and he is just so great and fun to work with, and with good company and a great model, there where a lot of great pictures to choose from as well.

For the studio shoot I collaborated with a hair stylist and he made the hair look so good and cook for the shoot, and added the little extra to the shoot. The model I used is my boyfriend! So photogenic and handsome!! But he was not so happy under the shoot mostly because he hates to stand in front of the camera. Because of his unhappiness and being a total diva, the pictures got a really cool and kind of bitchy mood that I liked really well.

The last assignment was the portfolio. Make a printed portfolio on 40 pictures. It was so hard to choose the best images and to make it a interesting portfolio! The whole process was a huge part of the final exam!


In all, I had working very hard with my exams, and used long time to plan, implement and the post process, but it was all worth it with great results! 

B on technical exam

A on fashion exam

A on portfolio


-Eivind Hamran


Snapchat: eivindhamran