Shooting with Amalie

So this summer I had my summer holiday in Arendal. A gorgeous summer city south in Norway to visit my boyfriend. It's such a great place, and so cozy. We did so much in those two weeks, it felt like just a few days away. We had a road trip to Aarhus witch is the second biggest city in Denmark, and explored the northern parts of Denmark, witch is really beautiful. So many nice locations to shoot on! Back from the road trip we stayed at Trym's cabin. With a sea view. Really relaxing and beautiful to be there. Normally I cant relax so well, but there I cant just relax and love life! But I couldn't realx to much, because I had to take pictures. So i did a personal project about the place we stayed; Øyna and I did a fashion editorial with the super gorgeous and fab sister of Trym. So fun!

So here are the pictures, I hope you like it!

Eivind Hamran